Italian Queen

Pro Nuc Box

5 deep langstroth frames


Our nucleus colonies have 3+ frames of bees and brood. The fourth and fifth frame will be a mixture of bees, pollen,nectar and maybe brood. Each colony goes through a series of inspections to ensure brood pattern and temperment are desirable. Queen cells are placed in these Nucs in early March to ensure the newly mated queen is the mother of all the bees and brood in the colony. We will have these bees in Canon City, Co approximately the 2nd week of May. I prefer the purchaser come to our appiary to open the top and be satisfied before leaving. These bees are raised from Colorado stock. They spend most of the year in Eastern Colorado. As part of a commercial operation, they are shipped to California for Almond pollination. When the almond pollination is finished, the bees are staged in mating yards in Arizona. These mating yards are saturated with thousands of colonies of Colorado bees, to ensure mating with Colorado drones. After the queens are mated, laying and have passed rigorous inspections, they are ready to come back to Colorado. Queens have to be mated in warmer climates, because of our spring weather. This enables us to deliver quality Nucs to Colorado, and New Mexico early enough to give the bees the time they need to establish before fall. 


5 frame nucleus colony



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